Beautiful Haven

Lovely stay all round & what a beautiful haven you have here. Thank you for everything!!..
Denver, Colorado May 2019
Pine Martin at Rannoch accommodation
Monarch of Glen Rannoch
Stags feeding on Rannoch Moor
Red deer Stag looking proud at Rannoch Moor hotel
Stag looking over Loch Rannoch

Stalking & Country Sports

The guesthouse is perfectly situated for deer stalking, grouse shooting & fishing. Below is a list of nearby estate.

Shooting Estates


Finnart Estate


Ben Alder Estate


Dunan Estate


Rannoch Barracks


Craiganour Estate





Wildlife in the Middle of Nowhere Rannoch

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Here in Rannoch we are extremely lucky to be surrounded by amazing nature and wildlife.

Keep you eyes open and you will be amazed at what you will see.

We have been lucky enough to spot Golden Eagles soaring over the guesthouse on three or four ocasions as well as spotting them over the hills when out and about.

While you are looking up  Osprey's can be seen through the summer months over Loch Rannoch and River Gaur

Red Squirrels are often seen scurrying through our garden and we have seen more this year then previous.

You can see from the picture we had seen a Pine Martin running through our garden but never got more than a glimpse until one day he was just sat on the driveway and gave me enough time to catch a photograph!

Last year there was a kefuffle going on in a field with cows near the river in front of the guesthouse. The farmer told us it was a family of Otters in the field and our other neighbours also witnessed them. We are yet to see them but great to know they are about.

The Black Wood ancient caledonian forest you may catch a glimpse of the rare and elusive Capercaillie.

The Red Deer, majestic stags and graceful hinds they are in abundance in Rannoch. Harder to see in the summer as they are up high, however in the winter months you will see them as they come down for more food and water.